Grand Targhee – Big Drive for the Greatest Adventure

Race #3 – Grand Charge

Planning and Preparation

Pre-race registration closes tonight! Go to you Pit Zone Account to register for the race –


Team Store open for eighteen (18) hours! Go to to order Team Jersey and extra gear. Expected delivery – 23 Sept 2016.

Race Course: Grand Charge at Grand Targhee Resort (GTR) is similar to last year’s course with a short and fast hill climb start to a hole shot where fun singletrack begins.  A proper warm-up is absolutely critical for this race. The race course is purpose built by Andy at GTR, who is a master trail builder. He and his crew have built some of the best trails in the West. Look forward to a fantastic race at an incredible venue.

Be prepared and read the Grand Charge Race Flyer . For BBMTB specific race details, go here.

Q&A sessions are offered at each practice during warm-up (6:00-6:15 pm Monday’s and Wednesday’s). Additional conversations can be found on the Team Snap Message Board.

Grand Targhee Resort (GTR) Waivers

Everyone (racers, coaches and recreation riding family members), must sign a waiver before riding at GTR.  These waivers are GTR specific and are in addition to your “club sport” and NICA waivers.  Please bring your waiver to practice Wednesday.  If you cannot make practice, make sure to bring it to the race.  If you go to the race without a GTR waiver, you will not be eligible to race. Waiver at

Number Plates

No one will be allowed on course without a number plate. Temporary plates are no longer allowed. Please be sure to bring your race plate and attach it to your bike after you arrive.  When finished racing, store it in a safe place where you are sure to bring it to the next race.  (maybe in your Camelbak)


Hopefully you have gotten some good rides in this week.  We will start tapering this weekend.  Suggested riding next week:

Saturday: Long ride (1.5 – 2.5 hr depending on category)

Sunday: Short intensity ride (45min – 1.5hr depending on category) Ride with someone faster than you. Push yourself to a fast race pace on 3 climbs.

Monday: Team ride, usual time.

Tuesday: Day off.  Catch up on homework.

Wednesday: Team ride.

Thursday: Packing day.  Prepare yourself for the race.  Only a light stroll on the bike or no ride at all.

Friday: Pre-ride the course.  Low intensity while learning the course.  Finish with a few openers (short intense efforts to wake up the legs)


Use this link for a clean printable version of timeline: Grand Charge Timeline. (Updated!)

For quick reference look here:


Need a ride? Have room for a passenger? Please post on the Team Snap “Message Board”.  With our new team trailer and racks, we can haul a five extra bikes. Please let us know ASAP if you need a bike transported.

This is the longest travel distance to a race venue.  Where possible, car pool. Take time to hydrant, fuel and stretch during this drive.

All team school’s will be sent a roster of athletes racing who can expect an excused absence from school on Friday. Please expect a full day out of school.  The six (6) hours in the car is a great time to get ahead on your studies.  If you have any homework questions, we have a plethora of highly skilled and educated parents, coaches and teachers who can help keep you get up to speed this weekend. Please use these resources!


Cold, Cold, Cold!  It’s going to be cold! Plan for a cold evening and a cold morning.  It will be perfectly comfortable by mid-day Saturday.  High school girl’s start at 9:30 Saturday and we expect it will be around 35-40 degrees.  Cycling jackets with layers, down jackets and covered legs will be required while warming up.

Camping and Weather

Camping at GTR will be in a parking lot overlooking the Race Pit Zone (400 ft away) and race course.  Turn left into parking lot, prior to GTR Lodge and look for BBMTB signage. Our camp will be the first space on the right next to a water source. No need to travel with water to this venue.targhee2016-camp

We will have more room for our camp, but will place tents close together with planned walkways.  Bring extra Thermarests or mats to lay on. There is room for RV’s if desired.  Please let us know if you plan to bring  a trailer, so we can organize a parking spot with the team.

GTR will have similar cold temperatures to Galena and expect mid-sixties during the day.

Let us know if you need any assistance with gear. Don’t be shy. We have lots of tents, thermarests, sleeping bags, cots and blankets. Really! Let us know what you need!



Friday Dinner –  Hopefully you pre-signed up for dinner.  If not, GTR will have limited tickets on-site or plan a meal either on the road or once in camp.

Saturday Breakfast – Breakfast burritos

Saturday Lunch – Fix your own sandwiches

  • Chicken, turkey & roast beef cold cuts; swiss or cheddar cheese
  • Peanut butter & Jelly or Nutella (This may be dropped due to a peanut allergy)
  • Muffins
  • Fruit & vegetables


Bonus! This week we have access to great tasting well water. Bring containers, but they do not need to be full.


BBMTB needs volunteers at every race! Please sign up and let us know if you’re filling the same positions.

Our wonderful and awesome camp hosts, Anne and Clancy will not be with us at GTR.  We are looking for someone to step up to keep camp organized and warm-up the team breakfast burritos.  The Andersons have provided excellent notes for a smooth transition.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

As you know, BBMTB also supports the Idaho League with volunteers. We are required to provide four (4) volunteers. Please keep up your support by remembering to volunteer. No special skills are required and you get the best seat in the house for spectating.  Please start the Idaho League volunteer via our team system so we know who is signed up.

SIgn-Up Here – Targhee

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Remember to wear your BBMTB team jersey to school on Friday.
  • Please plan on being in BBMTB wear for pre-ride on Friday and all day Saturday. It’s important to wear your team jersey for all Award Ceremonies.

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