Are You Ready for DDS2017?

Countdown to Desert Dirt Shredfest: 4 Days

Our fundraising benefits every student-athlete on the team and we want to thank you for your commitment to raising money and raising the bar with all your efforts.

With these raised funds, we look forward to being able to lower costs for Bike Camp, Skills Clinic, Friday night race dinners and overall reduction in costs for the rest of the season.

The Team Director has a CHALLENGE for you:

Your Team Director, a.k.a. Coach Renee, is going to sign up right now and start fundraising efforts. She has printed an overall fundraising report for every dollar raised up to 6:30 PM tonight, to find an equal starting point across the board for this challenge. This will not change your overall fundraising shown on the thermometer, but give everyone a chance in this side challenge.

CHALLENGE: For each student-athlete that raises more than the Team Director over the next four days, starting at 6:30 PM today and ending Saturday at 2:00 PM, you will receive one free awesome DDS t-shirt from Aristos Events.

This is her plan:

  • Day 1 – Email #1: Send to 10 very close contacts (family and closest friend or two).
  • Day 2 – Email #2: Send to 10-50 close contacts (entire circle of good friends).
  • Day 3 – Email #3: Send to as many other contacts that she feels comfortable sending a message to (co-workers, friends of friends, distant relatives, (my entire address book, etc.).
  • Day 4 – Social Media & Beyond – Promote via Social Media to anyone who will listen.

Here is the back of a t-shirt still on the press with a thank you to our main sponsors!


Preseason Updates #2

What a beautiful day in the valley! Here at BBMTB headquarters, we are continuing to plan and organize a great preseason. I’m sure you’re wondering how you can do your part? Read below…

Desert Dirt Shredfest – 12 Days to Go!

  1. May is our fundraising month. Get signed up HERE!
  2. Need help getting signed up? Call your Team Director for guidance
  3. Bring your family & friends to the event. The Idaho League “Try It Out” trailer will be on-site with 30 bikes & helmets to use for free with free schwag
  4. Meet other parents and coaches while Volunteering at Desert Dirt Shredfest

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

BBMTB Team Dues & Scholarships

  1. We are close to closing registration for the team as we are almost at capacity.
  2. Please get your dues paid or at least pay a deposit by 20 May 2017, so we know that you are still interested in the team.
  3. BBMTB Team Dues can still be paid by Check or Credit Card. Go HERE for details
  4. Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League – race fee scholarship &/or loaner bike & helmet info HERE
  5. Boise Brave MTB – team dues &/or bike camp scholarship application HERE

BBMTB Team Snap

By now we hope that you have taken some time to look around the Team Snap communication tool and get familiar with it.

  1. Please go into your account and mark your “availability” (yes, no, maybe), so we can properly plan each event, skills clinic, meeting, practice, etc.
  2. New Ride Leaders have been given a separate account from their student-athletes to allow specific Coaches communication and to use the “availability” tool for meeting Coach/Ride Leader ratios, planning events and practices.
  3. We will use this tool to track payments, kit sizes, availability and communicate event details.
  4. Everyone is able to uses this tool to invites others for ride, sell bike gear or share team photos.

As always, your Team Director is available for any questions or concerns.

Happy fundraising!

Renée Kline | Team Director & Coach
Boise Braves MTB