A message from the Idaho League Director: RACE CANCELLATION We’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple days on the phone talking with league/NICA leadership as well as the management team at Bogus Basin. Unfortunately the decision has been made to cancel the state championship race this weekend. While this is a veryContinue reading RACE CANCELLED at Bogus Basin

Race #5 Update*

*If you do not find answers to your questions below, please forward any further  questions to the BBMTB Team Director. Thank you. ** BBMTB will continue with the regular practice schedule through the weekend if the race is cancelled. From your IICL Race Director: Hi Everyone, I wanted to give you an update on theContinue reading Race #5 Update*

Race #5 – Bogus Boss

It is with a heavy heart that I send out this information with the knowledge that we have a 70% change of the race being cancelled due to snow and cold temperatures. The BBMTB Core Team is preparing for all possibilities and in communication with the Race Director. Further information about possible cancellation will beContinue reading Race #5 – Bogus Boss