Race Day

It’s 5:30 AM on race day. There is a pink full moon in the sky and it is dark. It’s almost time for Varsity girls to wake up. Anne and Clancy have been up for a while already warming up breakfast burritos and making coffee for the coaches and parents. The HS team went outContinue reading Race Day

Important Magic Update

Good Morning Everyone! It’s 5:30 AM, 54 degrees and a little smoke has moved in after a clear week at Magic Mountain. I do have some blue sky above me, but am at the top of Petit Mountain to send this message. We will hope that the smoke moves out. Speaking of moving out, weContinue reading Important Magic Update

Race #1 – Magic Mania

Magic Mania 2017! A race to remember for sure! Extreme weather became a factor for the ladies race in the afternoon. Video was dedicated to the ladies who endured cold and rainy weather and still came in smiling. How fun was that Video! Thank you Ray Anderson for that incredible video! We are excited toContinue reading Race #1 – Magic Mania