Race Day

It’s 5:30 AM on race day. There is a pink full moon in the sky and it is dark. It’s almost time for Varsity girls to wake up. Anne and Clancy have been up for a while already warming up breakfast burritos and making coffee for the coaches and parents.

The HS team went out for pre-ride yesterday….

Then the MS….

Our fearless Head Coach is calm and ready!

Last night’s race meeting had everyone’s attention.

The entire Magic Mountain valley has over 2500 excited and anxious racers and parents that will soon be waking up and heading to the start line. This is the first race of the 2018 season for the Idaho League.

Our goal today is to see all our Boise Braves racers finish, with smiles on their faces. It’s going to be a fantastic race day and we are ready!

Stay tuned…

Coach Renée

Important Magic Update

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s 5:30 AM, 54 degrees and a little smoke has moved in after a clear week at Magic Mountain. I do have some blue sky above me, but am at the top of Petit Mountain to send this message. We will hope that the smoke moves out. Speaking of moving out, we have seen several moose in the area. Please be aware!

Lets get right to logistics of our campground…..

We may not have a Campground Coordinator to greet you, so please read this thoroughly:

  1. As always, Tents and Food RV set-up take priority in our space over parked cars and RV’s
  2. We are sharing last year’s camping area with our friends from Magic Valley. We are based in the lower area from last year. Tad was the one to tell us about the location last year, so we are grateful and happy to have him with us this year. You can meet Tad at dinner Friday night at 7:00 PM (like that cue? 7 PM 😉
  3. We will use a drop off procedure to get gear and people into the sleeping area and then park in the periphery.
  4. When driving into the camping are please stay to the right of the fork. This will allow for less bottle necks.
  5. Our camping is across from the Shuttle Stop (with Porta Potties) to get to the Race Pit Zone.
  6. There are 5-6 RV spaces at the entry to to out camping area (half moon drive through)
  7. Bring water and chairs (no water in area)
  8. Info boards can be found at kitchen area (now) and team pit zone (after 2:30 today)
  9. Please check out the map for best area for your set-up and parking.

Magic Camping Area.png

My alarm just went off, so I’m off to my IICL meeting. You can find me all weekend at the Registration tent. We are all extremely excited for this weekend and wish everyone safe travels.


BBMTB Team Director

Race #1 – Magic Mania

Magic Mania 2017! A race to remember for sure! Extreme weather became a factor for the ladies race in the afternoon. Video was dedicated to the ladies who endured cold and rainy weather and still came in smiling.

How fun was that Video!

Thank you Ray Anderson for that incredible video! We are excited to get the race season started at Magic Mountain (24-25 August 2018). This is a very fun venue with great beautiful camping in the trees. Our camping map is below.

***Water access will be limited this year as the well we have used in the past has been contaminated. We ask everyone to help the team and pack 3-6 gallons of drinking water.

Forecast as of today (17 August 2018):



AUG 23

Mostly Sunny 78° / 50° 0% WSW 8 mph 28%


AUG 24

Sunny 76° /48° 0% W 10 mph 28%


AUG 25

Sunny 73° /46° 0% W 9 mph 31%


AUG 26

Sunny 74° /47° 0% W 9 mph 28%

Sunrise / Sunset Times

FRI 24 Aug SAT 25 Aug SUN 26 Aug
First Light First Light First Light
6:25 AM 6:26 AM 6:28 AM
Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise
6:55 AM 6:56 AM 6:57 AM
Sunset Sunset Sunset
8:24 PM 8:23 PM 8:21 PM
Last Light Last Light Last Light
8:54 PM 8:52 PM 8:50 PM

More Details for Race #1 Magic weekend:

  • Race Flyer – Viewing the race flyer before you leave town is a MUST do and it’s always found HERE, and http://www.idahomtb.org/race-series/
    • Girls race start at 9:00 AM; Girls breakfast at 6 AM
    • Print flyer prior to leaving for race as times and scheduling are subject to change!
  • No Internet or Phone Service at this venue! Emergency calls can be made from Magic Mountain Lodge and the top of Petit Mountain.
  • Additional GEAR again – Be prepared and pack extra for this weekend.
    • We continue to message that appropriate clothing and gear will make this event a truly fun and enjoyable experience! Pack extra and decide what to wear when you get there.
    • Team Jersey required for Awards and podium.
    • Have warm dry clothes in the BBMTB Pit Zone to change into after your race.
    • Make sure you have water packed for weekend! Water is in area, but not confirmed.
  • VOLUNTEERS are always critical to the team’s success.
    • If you are a parent and have not volunteered yet this season, this is definitely the time to do so.
    • Race venue will be ten minutes from camping and NO Internet or phone service, we will once again need your extra attention for support.
  • Sign-up for BBMTB Team Volunteer positions HERE
  • Volunteer for Idaho League Race Operations HERE
    • We need fifteen (15) volunteers per race!
    • Penalty of a smaller Pit Zone far, far away if we don’t meet our quota.
    • Take the time to sign up for the rest of the races, before your dream volunteer position gets taken!
  • Bikes
    • Bikes and any large gear will be left in the BBMTB Team Pit Zone on Friday night.
    • 25′ Cable locks, tarp over bikes and security for gear will be provided.
  • Food
    • Friday night dinner will be provided by the team in Diamondfield Jack campground at 7:00 PM
    • Pre-race pasta dinner with Anne’s famous spaghetti sauce. (GF/DF/VEG options available)
    • All team members and family members are welcome. No charge.
  • Camping
    • Diamondfield Jack Campground – look for BBMTB signage
    • RV’s are welcome, please share if you have extra space or amenities.
    • Look for Team banner on a 10 x 10 tent and “BBMTB” signs
    • Plan to stake your tent. Winds gusts to 21 mph expected.
    • Driving Time – 3 h 5 min (163 miles) via I-84 E

Overall Magic venue.png

Once again, we will do our best to get this location on Thursday evening. Please watch your alerts for any changes.

Magic Camping Area.png

  • Logistics

    • As you drive into the venue on Friday. Please drop your racer/s off at Magic Lodge for pre-ride if you are running late, and then continue to campground for set-up. You will cross the race course twice, please look for riders and follow directions from Course Marshals managing crossings.
    • Saturday morning – If you are staying at a hotel or in Twin Falls, 60 mins away, please park near our campsite in the main parking area and take the shuttle over to the race area.
    • Our camping area is across from the shuttle stop.
    • Girls race starts at 9:00 AM and all other racers should be in the Pit Zone at this time supporting their teammates, eating breakfast, getting their bikes to the team mechanic for a run through and preparing for warm-up.
    • All student-athletes that are racing are required to have their bikes checked over by one of the team mechanics on Saturday morning prior to their race start.


  • Once again, we advise that everyone set up in their team Pit Zone on Friday and leave all large equipment and bikes in the Pit Zone. IICL staff will be camping overnight at this location for security.
  • Shuttles will be available from Diamondfield Jack parking area.

As always, Boise Braves MTB are grateful for our Team Sponsors!

2018 BBMTB BSC Sponsors

Full Team Meeting Tonight

We are looking forward to seeing parents tonight at Military Reserve at 8:00-9:00PM! This our last full team meeting prior to our first race. We would like to complete our “housekeeping” as efficiently as possible to make sure everyone is ready to have fun and so their best at the race next weekend.

  1. Boise High School Forms – For all 9th through 12th grades. BBMTB needs a copy (digital is great) of these forms to keep on file. Please make sure forms are completely filled out and are legible. BHS will not let you race without them on file. Boise Schools Medical Release and Waiver (https://boisemtb.org/forms/)
    1. Head Coach Andrew needs to verify these with the Athletic Director on Wednesday morning.
  2. NICA Pit Zone – Reminder that everyone must be “Practice Ready” to attend practices and “Race Ready” to race. Coaches/Ride Leaders must have a checkmark next to their name before we can give you a Coaches Plate to ride with the team on the race course.
  3. Team Apparel – If you are exchanging a piece of clothing, tonight is the time to bring your apparel exchange. To save you extra costs, we will be exchanging sizes among the team. We can collect clothing before practice and place it in the team trailer. Do not worry about having to ride through practice with it. We will have all BBMTB merchandise available at the team meeting for pick-up and new purchases.
  4. Volunteers – Please be ready to take part in our fun race weekends. It takes everyone’s efforts to make this program successful. It’s also really fun to take part!
  5. Snacks and Chairs – Your student-athlete is going to work hard at practice tonight, please bring a snack and something to drink to get them through the meeting. We will be meeting in the grass. Bring a chair or a pillow if you are not comfortable sitting on the ground.
  6. Time – We understand how valuable everyone’s time is. We work hard to be clear, concise and efficient and will do our best to keep this meeting to 60 minutes. Time for Coaches will be extremely tight starting Tuesday to get ready for our first weekend away, so please support your Team Director and Coaches by making sure you get registered completely and the proper forms in on time (send to – renee@boisemtb.org)

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun race season! Can’t wait to see you tonight!



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In this edition

1. League update
2. Category Placement
3. Time to register for the race series
4. Equipment rules
5. NICA Rulebook
6. Call for volunteers
7. A fantastic day for all: NICA Code of conduct
8. Social Media Fun

League Update

Dust off those cowbells!

In just under 2 weeks the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League’s 4th season kicks off!

I am so proud of the efforts underway by students, coaches, parents, staff and volunteers making this all happen. With 800+ student-athletes and 400+ coaches, plus all the friends and families of our racers, Magic Mountain is going to be an awesome start to the season.

Watch for the first of 5 “Race Details” emails to hit your inbox this Friday. These emails will cover all the information you need to know for each race to have a great experience. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Race Flyers and Venue Maps HERE.

Let the fun begin!

Eddie Freyer
League Director

Category Placement and Petitions

Category placement rules are designed to promote fair, safe and challenging competition. A new student athlete’s category placement is based on their current grade in school. For returning student-athletes, category placement is based on prior year’s results. Please refer to the Category Placement Table posted by the league to determine your racing category if you are a returning rider.

To race in a different category than which you were placed in the Category Placement Table, your Team Director must fill out a NICA Category Petition Form and submit it to the league Rules Committee for review. Students should discuss their racing categories with their coaches well in advance of the race season to determine if submitting a petition might be appropriate. Petitions to change category can be made at any time during the season, however if the petition is granted after the first race, you will lose the points from your previous category. We encourage anyone considering filing a petition, to file early, allowing more time for consideration.

For more information regarding category placement refer to the NICA Rulebook.


Time to Register for the Race Series!

With practices in full swing across Idaho, don’t forget to register for the races!

Online registration closes the Tuesday before each race at 12:00 midnight. Students must be league registered and “practice-ready” for the season prior to this date.

On-site registration will incur a $20 late fee.

There is no on-site league registration available, only race registration and you must complete registration at least one hour prior to your race start.

Student-athletes who do not register online in advance will not be staged in accordance with their current series standing and will instead be staged at the back of their category.

On-site registration is only available during the following times:
Friday—12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturday—7:00 AM – 1:15 PM

Students will receive both a race plate and a category bib for the race series, both will be used for all 5 races, so please take care of them. Race plates have chips on the back and require care to avoid damage. There is a $15 fee to replace race plates if lost, or forgotten.

Race registration is accomplished through NICA’s on-line Pit Zone registration system. Have your Team Director or Head Coach help you with this if your unsure about race registration.

For race venue details and planning, please see our Events/Race Series tab on the Idaho League website: www.idahomtb.org or click HERE

Equipment Rules

Equipment rules cover equipment requirements necessary to compete in a NICA race. These rules cover approved helmets, bike, bike equipment and race accessory requirements. Below are some highlighted rules as outlined in the NICA Rulebook:

For safety reasons, handlebar end plugs and stem caps are required.

Student-athletes must complete the entire race on the same bicycle upon which the race was begun. A 10-minute penalty applies for switching bicycles in a race.

Student-athletes must wear appropriate footwear. Footwear must be fully enclosed and fastened with either straps, buckles, or laces.

Student-athletes must affix an official League number plate to their bikes at League races. The number plate should be attached with at least three fasteners and must be on the bike at all times before and after competing, including the pre-ride, and should also remain on the bike at any time the student is riding at the event.


In addition, Idaho League specific Rules, Policies and Protocols can be found HERE. Be sure you read and understand both the NICA Rules and IICL specific addendums since it is each racer’s responsibility to know, understand and abide by all rules, policies and protocols.


NICA Rulebook

Be informed on the NICA and Idaho League Specific Rules!

It is everyone’s, including our Student Athletes, responsibility to read and understand the NICA Rulebook. Be sure to read it and have your Student Athletes read it. We encourage coaches to incorporate rules training into practice. Consider reviewing a rules chapter a week, or facilitating a rules game.



We could not do this without you, and we appreciate you showing up to make race day a success.

Here you will find a summary of the volunteer positions, as well as brief (4 minutes or less) videos describing what you will do on race day. Please do take time to watch your respective video. Not only will it prepare you for the day, but it will get you really excited! Email questions to volunteer@idahomtb.org or click here to volunteer spot.

Thank you!!


Coaches and parents are the motivating force that encourages NICA student-athletes to do their very best to attain their race goals at every race. They also serve as ambassadors and role models who are expected to abide to a code of conduct that serves as an example to all student-athletes. In addition, all NICA student-athletes must abide by Trail Etiquette & Code of Conduct which covers the aspects of safety and respect. Here are the rules as outlined in the NICA Rulebook:


All coaches and team assistants are expected to comply with all helmet rules at all team practices, team events, and League races. In the event a coach is seen riding without a helmet, a 25-point penalty will be applied to his or her team’s score.

Coaches have a duty of care to their student-athletes at every event. This duty of care begins at the time designated by the team for student-athlete arrival and it ends at the conclusion of the event. The Head Coach, or someone acting as interim head coach, must remain at the venue until the last student-athlete from his/her team has departed, except in the case that any remaining student is in the care of a parent or legal guardian.

A Head Coach must attend each race. If the Head Coach cannot attend a race, an interim Head Coach shall be appointed and the League Director must be notified as to who is serving as interim Head Coach.

League officials have complete and total discretion for the implementation of the rules regarding appropriate sporting behavior. It is required that all coaches will demonstrate respect for and deference to the person and the decision of the League officials as it relates to sporting behavior of student-athletes, parents, other coaches, and other League officials, and a failure to do so may result in restrictions imposed on a coach’s or student’s participation in the League. Coaches will also display mature and positive behavior during every event and in all interactions at all times with student-athletes, parents, other coaches, and League officials. Coaches must serve as role models to student-athletes, thereby demonstrating fair and calm response in the event protests, complaints, conflicts, or emergencies. Coaches are expected to be focused not just on winning, but on helping student-athletes develop positive character traits, learn life lessons, and grow into healthy young adults.


Parents shall comply with the helmet rule at all races. Parents riding bicycles without helmets will receive two warnings. After a third infraction, the parent’s student-athlete will be penalized 25 points at the race where the infraction occurred. Parents are also expected to wear helmets for the following reasons:

To set an example for the student-athletes
As part of risk management due to limited emergency resources on site
It is often difficult for race officials to visually differentiate between parents and coaches
NICA is concerned about the safety of all our participants and spectators

Parents must handle protests, complaints, and/or conflicts with a positive and respectful attitude (see Rule 12.3). Parents should keep in mind that League officials have complete and total discretion for the implementation of these rules. It is required that parents will demonstrate respect for and deference to the person of and the decisions of the League officials and failure to do so may result in restrictions imposed on a student’s participation in the League.

During a race, parents must not ride or run on the course within 200 meters of any racers. Parents cannot run along the course with a student-athlete for more than 50 meters, and may not provide any food or beverage or otherwise provide physical support to racers outside of the designated feed zones. As stated otherwise in these rules, failure to comply with this or any other rule may results in limitations to the parent(s) attendance or child’s participation in the current or future events.

It is expected that all parents will conduct themselves with a mature and positive sporting attitude during every event.

What parents can do to encourage positive sporting behavior:

Keep your comments positive. Don’t bad-mouth coaches, student-athletes, or officials. If you have a concern you need to express, discuss it privately with your child’s coach or a League official. Commend good effort and performance, no matter who it comes from. This is especially when it concerns student-athletes from a “rival” team. Remember that you are a parent. Shout encouragement, not directions, from the sidelines. *Be courteous towards other parents, coaches, and student-athletes from other teams. Understand your behavior sets an example not just for your family, but for everyone else at the event.
Look for examples of good sporting behavior in professional student-athletes and point them out to your child. Talk about the bad examples, too and explain why they upset you.
Emphasize values like teamwork, responsibility, and discipline. Winning comes and goes, but these values persist and are foundational to the physical and educational benefits of youth sports.

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