Desert Dirt Shredfest 2018

Desert Dirt Shredfest

19 May 2018 at 9:00 AM

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Registration Requirements for Participants

All general volunteers, ride leaders, coaches are welcome to participate.


Please support youth cycling and join us by volunteering HERE!

Become a VOL


Starting 20 April 2017, each participant will start fundraising for their team. Family, friends, local businesses are all good sources.

On the day of the event, each participant will ride laps on the Larson-Miller Short Track course.  Pledges are based on a fixed amount. It is up to each team to decide how to use the funds for the future of their youth cycling program.

The event will have participants on the short and long course for the duration of the event, but not all participants are required  or encourages to ride the entire time. Participants may take as many breaks between laps as required.

Ride Distance and Goals

Each participant can set their own goal for how much money to raise.  We recommend a minimum of $150 in pledges per participant.

For setting a riding goal, please be realistic about your fitness.  A seasoned varsity rider will ride harder for a longer period of time than a beginner or middle school rider.


Pledge Drive will start 19 April 2018

Fixed amount: fixed pledges can be set at any amount for participation.

For information on getting pledges, check out our fundraising guide.

Pledges can be collected online or on paper via the DDS Pledge Sheet


Larson Miller Short Track, 3315 Simco Rd (Ada County), Idaho