About Boise Braves MTB Team 2016


Mission Statement

Boise Braves Mountain Bike Team is a cycling team serving all middle and high school student-athletes living in the Boise High School district.
Our team is committed to:

  1. Promoting a safe, friendly, social atmosphere and environment in which our members can build friendships and network with fellow student-athletes.
  2. Maintaining an inclusive mountain biking team that promotes good sportsmanship.
  3. Providing and pursuing learning opportunities to advance our student-athlete’s cycling skills and performance training using NICA training principles.
  4. Providing coaching for all skill and fitness levels for developing a lifetime of cycling.
  5. Being genuine and acknowledging others while we engage unplugged.
  6. The love of cycling!

Who Is Eligible?

Boise Braves MTB Team (BBMTB) is fully licensed under the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) governing body and registered with Idaho Interschoolastic Cycling League (Idaho League).  BBMTB provides an inclusive environment for junior high school/middle school and high school student-athletes to develop cross-country cycling skills, fitness and participation in races within the Idaho League.

Boise Braves MTB and the Idaho League follow Idaho State law of dual enrollment. We accept student-athletes that live within Boise High School boundaries and schools that would ultimately feed into Boise High School unless that school already has an existing team:

  • Boise High School
  • North Junior High School
  • Hillside Junior High School
  • Students going into 6th grade in the fall within the Boise High School boundary

What You Can Expect From BBMTB

Team Coaches are certified through NICA, attend Idaho League Leadership Summits and Conferences, Risk Management, Wilderness First Aid, CPR, . Together we have many years of racing and riding in XC mountain bike, cyclocross, road and other related disciplines.

  • Skills Coaching:  Coaches starting during the inaugural year, 2015, have had on the bike training from world renowned training from world renowned mountain bike skills instructor Lee McCormack.   We continue to receive specific IMG_0759
    development coaching for High School and Middle School student-athletes from NICA. We pass on these skills to the team.
  • Cycling Fitness:  The focus of NICA is the love of cycling.  Racing is an excuse to train for big adventures.  Our coaching team has solid background in cycling fitness and will provide quality coaching to ensure appropriate progression of fitness for varied levels of cycling fitness.
  • Whole Body Fitness:  Success in cycling requires good nutrition, core strength and maintaining the stoke/ love for cycling.  Within our season we work with experts to provide instruction and clinics about nutrition for cycling, core strength, flexibility and other components of cycling that allow for athlete’s success.
  • Racing:  With all the skills developed above, students become race ready.  There is a category suitable for all athletes where they can succeed.  Racing gives a tool to measure and strive toward personal achievements.
  • Travel:  Parents and student-athletes are responsible for travel to races around Southern Idaho.  The team, with support of parent volunteers, travel to beautiful and amazing venues for five races in 2016.

Full Team Meeting

Full team meeting is at 6:00 PM on April 20, 2017 at CABI Social Hall, 11 N. Latah St, Boise (next to Morris Hill Cemetery).  Look for the BBMTB signs.


We owe a big thank you to our amazing sponsor World Cycle and XC Ski.  Their generosity and expertise keeps us operating smoothly.

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