The BBMTB Leadership Team is concerned with the health and wellness of all of our student-athletes, parents and volunteers. We continue to stay in-tune with the rapidly evolving status of COVID-19 and follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local emergency management professionals.

Actions the Team is Taking:

  1. BBMTB will follow guidance from the Official Idaho Resource for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): This will help us ensure we appropriately handle any large group gatherings, sporting events, etc. Follow events and cancellations HERE and Team Snap
  2. We are currently developing a BBMTB Communication Plan to guide our 2020 pre-season Kick-Off and our communication of updates for COVID-19.
  3. We are adding new student athletes to Team Snap – REGISTER HERE
  4. We are presently building the committees to perform planning and detail work for the season. Go to the Leadership & Committees
  5. Information will be sent on Team Snap as this will be our primary mode of communication for all new updates.

We are Also Following Guidance from IICL & NICA.

A message from Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League HERE

A message from our National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) HERE

The decisions of when and how to return to play will be made at the league level following, as best we are able, the rules and guidance from the local state, public health and school authorities to inform decision making.

With Gratitude, 
Steve Matous 
NICA President
Photo Credit: Kam Neth

Looking Ahead

Our community is strong! We will get through this. We intend to continually monitor guidance from local, state and federal agencies. Above all, we will maintain a positive outlook as we support our student athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers. We will work together to rise to this challenge.

In the Meantime

We know how much of a positive impact our program makes on the community, and how important it is to get outside and ride in a time such as this. We encourage you to get outside with your family while practicing strict social distancing.

If activities are permitted within your league, teams should follow the Team and Small Activity Considerations for Coronavirus.