Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do BBMTB team dues cover?
  • One Jersey per Student-Athlete
  • Coaching Expenses
  • Team Equipment (tents, bike stands, bike racks, tools, trailer, etc.)
  • Race Food (All breakfast and lunches at races, gels & bars and snacks)
When are BBMTB Team practices
  • Tuesday-Thursday 6:00 PM
  • Saturday 8:00 AM
  • We will be adding alternate morning practices depending on interest and coaches availability.
How does the team communicate with student-athletes and parents?

TeamSnap is our primary method of communication.  Please make sure you are signed in and have your notifications configured.

Does the team practice when it is hot, smoky or rainy?
  • We will make a judgement call as far in advance as possible and send alerts via Team Snap.
  • Days over 100 degrees will be re-schedule to a morning practice
  • Smoke and red alert days will be rescheduled
  • Rain or muddy trails will be decided on a case-by-case basis depending on wind and temperatures. muddy trails may dictate a new location to ride.
My student athlete will be away for a few weeks.  Can they still join the team?

We support family vacations, but it is also important to get time with the team early in the season and Bike Camp to build skills to have safe practices. This makes participation with the team critical to be a member of the team.

Please make sure to mark your “availability” on TeamSnap and use the comment box. Any questions contact Coach Andrew or Coach Renee of extended absences.

Understand that we may need to adjust participation in races or practices for safety reasons.

My student athlete will not able to attend bike camp.  What are our options?

Bike camp is an excellent opportunity for skills assessments, learning on the bike skills and building team culture.

We are working on a mini-bike camp makeup date on July 8.  For safety reasons, if your student-athlete misses both of these events, they will be placed in the beginner/entry level group until they test up to a higher level.

When are Team Dues due?

Dues are requested at the full team meeting.  However, we will collect them up until June 1.  If these dates do not work, you may make alternate arrangements with the team.  The amount of dues will increase by $100 on May 20.  Anyone in need of scholarships for team dues, loaner bike or race fees should apply by 1 June 2017.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Fill out the Boise-Scholarship-Application- promptly.  There are also Idaho and National level scholarships to cover bikes, race entries and other expenses.

All scholarship requests must be submitted promptly as they are based on first-come first-serve!

Has this website been updated for 2017?

Not entirely. We are doing our best to get the information current. Would you like to help edit content? Have information that needs to be added? Send to

When is our first practice?

We have the calendar on

There are 3 events in Pre-Season (May 20, June 14, June 23-25) that you need to put on your calendar and plan to attend:

Desert Dirt Shredfest – Hill Climb – BBMTB Bike Camp.

Regular season starts on July 1.  Our first practice is TBD.

I am looking for the best way to get a bike that my child can use.
The Idaho League Try-it-out program has 30 bikes which will be available as loaners to the league.  They are first-come first-serve and are likely to go fast. Request form will be available 15 June 2017.  Mark your calendar to submit the form on this day!

Both Trek, Scott, Specialized and Norco bikes provide excellent deals for NICA student-athletes.  If you are interested in buying a new bike, talk with World Cycles and they can set you up with the NICA deals. You must be registered in NICA Pit Zone to qualify for these deals.

We also have Team Gear to watch.  Our goal is to keep the bike gear within the team to move bikes from student to student in order to help out student-athlete growth spurts.  Feel free to post your interest and we can help find solutions and bikes.

How do I get a loaner bike?

The Idaho League will have loaner bikes; the bikes used for Try-it-out.  If you’re interested, the form will be placed on on 15 June 2017.  This will be first-come, first-served so set a reminder.

Are there still loaner bikes available?

Loaner bikes are not available until July 1, 2017.  You must fill out the form promptly on 15 June 2017 to receive a bike.  Using a loaner bike, if you don’t have on presently may limit your student-athlete from preseason activities. If you do not have a bike, please notify coaches and we can look for an options for the preseason.

Do student-athletes need to leave school early on Friday for races?

Pre-ride at races are on the preceding Friday from 2:00 – 7:00 PM. Pre-rides are a critical component to being successful at races for safety, familiarity and comfort on race day.

  • Galena – ideally you will leave school around lunch time to make the pre-ride.
  • Grand Targhee – one full day is recommended.

Always give yourself enough time to find the race course and camping area.

All schools will be given a roster for each race.  Parents will still need to call in. Our team has club sport status and BBMTB related absences should be excused.

How do I sign up in NICA Pit Zone and pay for races?

Race signup is handled on

  • Races cost $35 (HS) and $25 (MS).
  • Once registered in NICA Pit Zone, you may pay on-site for $10 late fee
  • Deadline for race signups is midnight Tuesday before each race.
where are the practices?

Practice location will vary frequently. We will start practices at Camel’s Back park, Military Reserve (Fort Boise), Polecat Gulch, Eagle Bike Park, Bogus Basin. Practice locations will be shown on the TeamSnap calendar. For practices outside of reasonable riding distance, we will coordinate carpool travel.

Does the team all travel together to the out of town races?

The team coordinates travel as a team and student athletes will often carpool with other families if their own family cannot attend. TeamSnap provides easy tools for parents to communicate and coordinate.

Are the events on Saturdays?

All races are on Saturdays. Practices vary

Do you have lodging recommendations for parents?

Parents are welcome to camp with the team. Student Athletes are strongly encouraged to camp. However, some race locations do have lodging options. When we start planning the racing part of the season we can help find lodging for those in need.

I see the price goes up by the 20th. Can we make one payment by then and pay the remainder two weeks later?

Payment arrangements can be made. Send email to Arrangements must be made by the 20th.