When You Ride With The Team

 What to wear

Weather can change rapidly in mountains at race venues and even here in Boise in the Fall, so be prepared. No Cotton & No Jeans! Wearing cotton is like wearing a sponge; cotton will soak up water that will cool next to your skin and sap warmth/energy out of your body. Wear items of synthetic fabrics designed for activity:

  • Cycling jerseys and shorts (ordered with the team)
  • Arm and/or leg warmers.
  • Nylon wind-breaking shell type jacket
  • Light, water-resistant jacket if it is raining.

Cycling Gear 

  • Bike Helmet! Make sure that it fits properly.
  • Gloves
  • Water Bottle or Hydration Pack with plenty of water.
  • Eye protection

Mountain Bike

  • Any bike-shop type mountain bike will do.  There is no need for exotic and expensive.
  • Must be a mountain bike (no BMX, cyclocross, etc.)
    • Flat Bar
    • Functioning front and rear brakes
    • At least 1.75″ tires

Note about Department store bikes: these bikes are discouraged due to unsafe, incompatible components and need for extensive tunes.  While they may seem like a hard to beat deal, department store bikes break easily and are not suitable for riding off-road.  When the components bend and break, they cannot generally be replaced.  If you have a department store bike, connect with the coaches or visit World Cycles. The team will help to explore better options.  Also, check out Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League’s Loaner Bike Program

Other Necessities (plan to be self-sufficient)

  • Food, preferably feed zone portables, energy bars, gels or Gummy Bears. If you are a big eater bring a sandwich.
  • Food portables are a great solution too!
  • Tools, basic things like a spare tube, a hand pump, tire irons and a multi-tool.
  • A good attitude!

Camping Gear

We camp as a team at races and bike camp.  Student-athletes are encouraged to share tents and other camping gear.

  • Sleeping bag.
  • Sleeping pad
  • tent
  • chairs

More discussion on gear

Gear Exchange

Keep your gear within the team.  If you out-grow your jersey, pass it on to a smaller student-athlete.  This is intended as an informal gear exchange and meant specifically for our team.  Note, there are no fields for phone number and email.  This exclusion of information is intentional to keep your private information private.  The rest of the team will be able to identify you by your name and get your contact info from the Team Directory.  Please do not offer your private info in the form.

Gear Available for Exchange

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