Team Rules

 Team Rules

For complete team rules, please request a copy of our BBMTB Constitution via

  1. Always Wear A Helmet

This is for your own good! No one wants to be sitting around for a month waiting for a concussion to clear up, let alone having someone spoon-feed you for the rest of your life. This Rule applies to Coaches as well. Additionally, riders at Idaho League races caught without helmets will be docked 25 pts and/or disqualified from a race.

  1. No Trick Riding

Hopping curbs, jumping off ramps, curling berms and other Free Ride shenanigans during Team Sponsored rides puts the whole Team at risk as well as yourself. Aside from potentially causing you a lot of pain, there is the liability factor and the Team’s image in the community.

  1. No Illegal Trail Riding

Again, we are talking about the Team’s image in the community. If you get caught, especially if you are wearing a Boise MTB jersey, we don’t know you and you probably stole the jersey. We are a pretty large target for anyone out there that wants to create a legal nightmare for us.

  1. No Put Downs

Even if you really know the rider who is the target of negative comments, whether you are joking around or not, they may take your ribbing the wrong way. There should be nothing but support between all riders regardless of skill level or gender. Negative comments about Team members will not be tolerated.

5. Trail Etiquette

When riding on Public Lands always do so with the following in mind:

  • Always Yield Right of Way to Other Users.  Pull your bike to edge of trail and put foot down.  Do not ride off the side of trail to go around!
  • Control Your Speed
  • Respect Other Trail User Groups
  • Do Not Litter
  1. Communicate

Always communicate with your coaching staff. We cannot read minds and it is important for us to know how you are feeling physically and mentally. Never feel that you don’t want to say something for fear of feeling stupid or wimpy. We are here to help you enjoy the sport.

  1. Read your email

Email is the only effective way for us to reach all of you with information concerning everything from events to race day logistics. Last minute changes in schedules and new activities are inevitable so stay informed. 

  1. Participate in team fundraisers

Our team is volunteer based and fully self-supporting. It takes everyone’s participation to succeed. The Desert Dirt Shredfest (20 May 2017) is critical to our income. If you choose to not participate, you can pay an “Opt-Out” fee instead.

  1. Have FUN!

Mountain biking is one of the best sports there is. It is an excellent low-impact aerobic exercise that you can do for a lifetime. You can cover more ground and see more cool stuff than with any other sport. Have FUN!

  1. Ready to Ride

Show up on time, dressed and ready to ride.  Mountain bikes only, NICA rules (multi-geared, flat bar, functioning brakes.  Bring your nutrition, water, and tools and parts needed on the trail.