Boise Braves Mountain Bike Team brings together High School and Middle School Student-Athletes to teach proper cycling skills, trail etiquette, good sportsmanship and the love of cycling. We work to develop our Student-Athlete’s skills and fitness to enjoy a life-long sport, enhance social development and engagement while being unplugged from the sedentary world.

2018 Bike Skills Camp

BBMTB Bike Skills Camp (BSC)  –  22-24 June 2018

2017 BSC Lake Ride.png


  • Registration Form HERE
  • Fee – $75 (waived for DDS participants)
    • What are your paying for? Food, Insurance & Venue Fee
    • Check your Team Snap Tracking to see what has been paid for.
    • BSC Payment HERE
  • Volunteer HERE

Location Map HERE

Jug Mountain Resort, 13834 Farm To Market Rd, McCall, Idaho
InkedJMR Travel Map_LI

Travel Logistics

Carpooling is encouraged.  Need a Ride? Have extra Space? Use Team Snap to communicate extra seats and/or extra space for bikes.
  • Carpooling caravan will meet at World Cycles parking lot at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Friday, 22 June 2018.
  • NEW – The venue is requiring vehicles to stay in the campground through the entire weekend due to crossing the #1 golf tee. If you need to leave during the weekend you will need to park in the clubhouse parking lot. (as of 18 June 2018)
Bike Camp Skills Schedule:
*Need to know more details? Go to TS Media/ BSC folder/ 2018 BSC Run Sheet
Adult Skills Session at Healthwise (18.00) & final prep meeting at Lulu’s (19.30)
Pack and prepare your gear. It really pays off to prepare in advance, keep travel gear in one place, look through the checklist early, and create a travel routine.
12:00 pm Meet at World Cycles to carpool. Departure time 12:30
(drive time from World Cycles is 2 hours 17 minutes)
3:00 pm Sign-in and get Camp set-up
4:00 pm Team Introductions. Trail ride.
7:00 pm Dinner
Early to bed – BIG day on Saturday
Full day of skills, trail riding, team activities and lots of good food.
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Be ready to ride
1:00 Family Lunch and BBQ – all family members invited
3:00 Departure
Extra Schedule Details
  • Core Operations team will be arriving at Jug Mountain Ranch Thursday night through Friday morning for early set-up.
    • We welcome early arrivals anytime, but we may be out riding, so please call 208.870.5093
  • Check-in and parking instruction starts 3 PM Friday
  • Trailers allowed under 20 ft (notate in TS notes or REG form)
  • Team Trailer will be unavailable and in motion after 2:00 PM on Thursday.
  • Student-Athlete arrival starts at 3:00 PM Friday and we will be prepared for arrivals till 6:45 PM (just in time for dinner). Those arriving at 3:00PM, will ride at 4:00PM.
  • As you’re packing, please reference the packing list.
  • Directions and links to maps are below.
    • Signage at venue will lead you straight into BBMTB Center Camp.

2017 BSC Elkhorn Trail Ride.png

What to Bring

  • Bike in proper working order:
    • Derailleur adjusted & shifting smoothly; brakes adjusted and not rubbing; wheels true & tires in good condition.
    • Any mechanical problems should be taken care of before arriving to Camp. 
    • **World Cycles offers free safety bike checks for our team. ***
      • You will be given a sticker to show that your bike is safe to ride.
      • Please schedule your tune-ups and bike checks. The shop is busy too and need to schedule you in for the best quality service.
  • Tube, Pump, Basic Tools
  • Helmet, Cycling Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Cycling clothes (for hot, cold and possible rainy conditions)
  • Camel Back/Water Bottle (please bring full for Friday activities)
  • Complete Change of Clothes for three (3) days, extra layers, towel and a blanket for early mornings.
    • Many like to bring a winter jacket for the chilly mornings.
    • A rain shell (just in case)
  • Sunscreen SPF & Bug Spray
  • Plastic or Mesh Bag (for wet dirty cycling clothes)
  • Camping Gear – Tent, Thermarest or equivalent (super important for good sleep), cold weather sleeping bag, camp chairs, head lamp/portable light.
    • Please reach out to Team Leaders if you do not have the required gear. We have extra!
  • Event Gear Still Required for Center Camp

    We will need extra pop up tents to run skills camp this year. We are in a new camping location with less trees. If you have any to lend, please contact Coach Bob
    • Extra Pop-up Tents

JMR Summer Trail Map.png

Haven’t signed up yet? Volunteer HERE

  • ***Carpool Coordinator***
  • Ride Leaders
  • Grill Masters and pancake flippers
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Camp monitor (hang out at camp during team rides)
  • Water Coordinator (early morning water refill at clubhouse)
  • find more roles on SignUp.com

Weather (as of 17 June at 6 am)

BSC 2018 Weather

Remember we are in the mountains and a rain shower could come through camp anytime, but we couldn’t ask for more perfect weather for riding than this!! Hero dirt!

Are you still reading? You are awesome!!

THIS WEEK: Final Prep Day

Wednesday, 20 June 2018 

  • 6:00 PM at Healthwise Parking Lot
    • Coaches, Ride Leaders and those wanting to learn bike skills to be able to ride with the team in the future.
  • 7:30 PM at Lulu’s Pizza
    • Final meeting for BSC
    • Carpooling, Camp Logistics, Team Gear, etc.

Still have questions or suggestions? Contact a Team Leader or come to the last planning meeting.

We are looking forward to another fantastic weekend of riding bikes and spending time with the team!! 

Coach Renee

MTBer climbing.png


DDS, BBMTB Time Trial & BSC

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.13.24 PM

Desert Dirt Shredfest

Happy Friday! Today is the last day for our fundraising through Desert Dirt Shredfest. I hope you had fun riding in the desert. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to financially support our program.

  • If you still have donations to turn in, please do so this over the weekend or at the latest at Hill Climb sign-in table. Mail or drop off donations to Team Director (see Team Snap message for address)

BBMTB Hill Climb

Are you excited to ride? Wednesday, 13 June at 5;30 PM, we are looking forward to seeing everyone get together for our annual preseason hill climb. Meet at Military Reserve for team Check-in. This event is a snapshot of preseason fitness and assists Coaches to assign ride groups at Bike Skills Camp. Results will only be disclosed to individuals at Bike Skills Camp and not posted publicly.  We will have a follow-up hill climb mid-season to see individual improvements.

  • Parents please VOLUNTEER on Team Snap under this event in the “Schedule”.
  • Team Snap “Availability”. Please use this feature so we can have proper Coach:Student-Athlete ratios.
  • Details for event can be found on Team Snap Media Folder HERE .
  • All student-athletes must have a DDS2018 sticker on their bike showing that the bike has passed safety inspection. You can still get this completed at World Cycles. Please call ahead to schedule.

2018 Hill Climb.png

BBMTB Bike Skills Camp

22-24 June 2018 at Jug Mountain Ranch, McCall

  • $75 per Student-Athlete (waived for DDS Fundraising participants)
  • Register through Google form HERE
  • High School Student-Athletes (9th and above) need to provide Boise School District waiver and medical release form at registration tent at camp.
  • All participating adults (over 18) MUST have a BACKGROUND CHECK
    • This is completed through NICA Pit Zone
      • Only needed once. Prior year volunteers do not require this.
      • $25 fee – scholarships available
      • Once you sign up to volunteer, an invite will be sent to you or request one through Team Director
  • Food and Beverages provided by team throughout the weekend
  • We are camping in a beautiful meadow this year (new location)
  • Entire families welcome on Sunday at 1:00 PM for lunch social – no fee

More details this weekend to be provided in the Team Snap Media Folder (camping packing lists).

Thank you for reading to the end! Have a great weekend.

Coach Renee

BBMTB Team Store Open

BBMTB Team Store Banner

I want to thank everyone for their patience while we worked diligently on offering more accessories this year. You will find your jersey and shorts on the site with new items this year (arm, knee and leg warmers, cap, wind and thermal vests and a thermal jacket). We are very excited about the thermal jacket and extras to keep us warm on chilly race mornings.

What you need to know:

  • Go to Team Snap for your link and $90 coupon.
  • You must have paid your team dues to use the coupon.
  • Team Store is open to all Student-Athletes, Coaches, Ride Leaders and parents.
  • Last years jersey will qualify for this years NICA races. If it fits, you can the spend the extra money on other items. Feel free to trade last year’s jerseys amongst the team if it no longer fits.
  • Black riding shorts are required, but we give you the freedom to find the most comfortable fit. You may purchase the team shorts or go out and buy other black riding shorts.
  • Once we close the store (June 10, 2018), one shipment will go to the team director and we will distribute apparel to the team all together and schedule a team photo.

Questions? Comments? Someone else probably has the same question. Start a post on Team Snap or give your Team Director a call and we will get you answers.


Less Than a Week to GO!

This Saturday is DDS2018!

We are almost ready for the Desert Dirt Shredfest and the weather looks like it will be perfect for a really fun day. Go out and get your pledges this week.

We would like to welcome “Off The Grid’l” food truck to the event this year. Breakfast or lunch will be available from $5.50 – $8.50 and it is YUMMY.  Lunch is included for all Volunteers.

Thank you in advance to our sponsors!

Larson-Miller Medical Waste, Aristos Events, Knobby Tires, Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League “Try It Out”, World Cycles and Rolling H Cycles.

See you on the Short Track!

Season Kickoff Followup

Thank you everyone for a great season kickoff! Thank you Coaches and Volunteers that stepped in to make it a fun night. It was wonderful to see everyone!


MTB 201 – 2018 Leaders Summit

Here is more information to follow up questions:

BBMTB Team dues are being collected at World Cycles

  • Please write checks to “BBMTB” for $225 with your student-athlete’s name
  • Credit Card payment system (3% fee) will be available online Monday

Volunteer with BBMTB in 2018

World Cycles Open House with BBMTB – 8 May 2018 at 3:00-7:00 PM

  • Arrive at any time between 3-7 PM for Open House
  • BBMTB Team Kit fittings available now till 8 May 2018
    • Team Store for BBMTB kits (jerseys & shorts) opening soon!
  • Get great discounts on Giro gear (8 May only) and mountain bikes (throughout season)
    • Must be registered in NICA Pit Zone to receive these discounts
  • Schedule your bike safety check early
  • Find out what World Cycles has to offer
  • World Cycles Owner (Tom) and BBMTB Team Director (Renee) will be available for questions till 7:00 PM

Desert Dirt Shredfest Fundraiser – 19 May 2018

BBMTB Parent Social – 15 June 2018

BBMTB Bike Skills Camp – 22-24 June 2018

  • Mark Team Snap Availability
  • All participating Volunteers must have passed background check in NICA Pit Zone
    • please request an invite – renee@boisemtb.org
  • Any fees for this event will be determined by the level of success of DDS Fundraiser
  • Required for all new student-athletes joining the team
  • Location – Jug Mountain Ranch, McCall
  • Details coming soon on website at Boisemtb.org

NICA Pit Zone Invites

  • All returning Student-Athletes, Coaches, Ride Leaders and Volunteers: please use your existing accounts to register for 2018. Once you have your background check, it is valid as long as you are with the team.
  • New Student-Athletes: Invites are being sent this weekend.
    • Ride Leaders – If you plan to be a Ride Leader, please inform your Team Director at renee @boisemtb.org for your invite
    • Volunteers – If you plan to participate with the team, you must go through the background check ($25). Please inform your Team Director at renee @boisemtb.org for your invite.






2018 BBMTB Season Registration

The Boise Braves MTB 2018 season is shaping up to be another great season of mountain bike riding and racing. The calendar is set with our Spring events and five races in the fall. As of today, we are officially in the pre-season and registration for the team is open.

Registration Notes & Pit Zone

Following are a few reminders and notes that might help answer some questions about registration:

• In order for a student-athlete to be covered by insurance during scheduled team practices the following needs to exist
1) The team needs to be registered and paid  – COMPLETE!
2) The coaches need to be registered and paid
3) The student needs to be registered with season fees paid.
You will know your are set when the student-athlete shows up as “Practice Ready” in the Pit Zone online.


High School (grades 9-12) student-athlete

  • Register online in the correct category. The default categories (absent an approved petition or placement based on last year’s results) are 9th graders register Freshman, 10th graders register Sophomore, 11th & 12th graders register Junior Varsity.
  • Category upgrade request will be accepted now and must be submitted by the team director only. Please email renee@boisemtb.org to request upgrade.

• The Placement chart for RETURNING 10th, 11th, and 12th graders can be found on the 2018 website page by CLICKING HERE. If you have questions on rider placement or you don’t believe the placement listed is correct please email eddie@idahomtb.org. Racing in the correct category is the responsibility of the rider. Please make sure you have any questions answered BEFORE you race. If you accidentally registered in the wrong category please email eddie@idahomtb.org to have your category changed.

Middle School (grades 6-8) student-athlete

  • Select “middle school” as their category. Place in the category corresponding with their grade (6th, 7th or 8th). Please see the new 2018 rulebook or Idaho League Middle School Program document for details on the Idaho League Middle School rules.
  • New Middle School Program!
    • Due to the increased popularity of the NICA program with middle school aged student-athletes, the Idaho League is evolving our middle school rules to improve the overall experience for all students and to help reduce risk due to large field sizes. Therefore, new for 2018 you will see 3 primary middle school categories per gender (6th, 7th and 8th grade) and possible sub-categories (A, B or C) within each category based on total number of riders. Complete details of the program can be found HERE


Pit Zone will open for registration on April 1, 2018.

The Idaho League uses the NICA Pit Zone online registration system. This is a closed system meaning you must receive an email “invitation” to register as a new team, rider, or coach. You cannot simply register. So if you are interested in registering in one form or fashion you must request an invitation as follows:
– Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Ride Leaders and General Volunteers request an invitation from the Team Director
– Students are invited by the Team Director (renee@boisemtb.org) or Head Coach (andrew@boisemtb.org)

Wait, you requested an invite, but didn’t get the email…..check your SPAM filter first before sounding the panic alarms. If you still can’t find the invitation, email the person you originally asked for the invitation from and only then send out the cavalry.

If you have or have not used the Pit Zone system before, click HERE for the handy dandy NICA PitZone Manual. This is an overview from NICA to get you started using the system and will answer many of your questions.

Coach Registration:

If you are a RETURNING coach or rider on the same team — you can simply log in and register.

Coaches will receive an email (with a direct link) asking them to log into the Pit Zone, confirm their registration information and pay for the new season. The 2018 annual coach fee is tied directly to each coach’s insurance cost and NICA administration costs for managing the coach licensing program.

All new coaches must take the online background check when they join a team but returning coaches will be able to use their existing background check from prior season(s).

ALL coaches must do the following prior to participating in any bike related team activities:
1) Register in the Pit Zone
2) Complete the ELECTRONIC waiver in the Pit Zone
3) Pay the annual license fee
4) Complete the CDC Heads Up online concussion class and submit a copy of the completion certificate to coachlicensing@nationalmtb.org. Due to the serious nature of head injuries and the evolving science coaches are now required to complete this course each season. It only takes about 20 minutes online and is free. Here is the link : Idaho/CDC Concussion Training

Any coach/volunteer that has not obtained at least a NICA General Volunteer License (online registration, background check, annual coach fee, and wavier) is not authorized to participate in team activities and is not covered by ANY insurance.

What to expect next?

With pre-season here, you will start to see more communications from the BBMTB team about practices, upcoming events and race details. Please be sure to review all information in blogs (boisemtb.org), Team Snap (request invite) and monitor social media channels for updates about the Idaho League (idahomtb.org & facebook).

2018 Season Calendar

1 April – Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League (IICL) Pre-Season Starts

10 April – Parent Info Night (BHS Cafeteria, Location TBC), 6 PM

19 April – Registration for Desert Dirt Shredfest and Fundraising begins

26 April – BBMTB Full Team Meeting, CABI Social Hall at 6 PM

19 May  – Desert Dirt Shredfest* at Larson-Miller Short Track, 9 AM – 12 PM

Fundraiser, Bike Safety Checks, Riding and Raffles – DesertDirtShredfest.com

* Try It Out trailer will be on location (30 bikes & helmets)

21-22 April – 2-Day Leaders’ Summit (new advanced curriculum for returning coaches)

  • April 21-22, Boise (Avimor)
  • June 23-24, Ketchum (Sun Valley)

1-Day Ride Leader Training

  • May 12, Pocatello/Idaho Falls
  • May 19, Boise (Conflicts w/DDS, consider 2 Day Summit)

13 June – Hill Climb, Military Reserve

22-24 June – BBMTB Bike Skills Camp at JUG Mountain Ranch, McCall

This is the marque event of the season. Please don’t miss it! Plan for an exciting weekend of camping, camaraderie, on-the-bike skills training, great food, games, and of course a lot of mountain biking fun. Carpooling and bike transfer available. More details to be posted on BBMTB Team Snap.

1 July – IICL In-Season Starts

7 July – Start of Weekly Practices **

**Practices will resume Mondays, Wednesdays evenings (6-8 PM) & Saturdays (8-11 AM) until race season starts end of August, at which time we will move practices to Tuesdays & Thursdays. Hot days/weeks with high temperatures will be back to 6:30 AM starts.

All practice details to be found on Team Snap. Request your invite. Contact you Team Director at renee@boisemtb.org.

2018 Race Series

  • Race #1 : Magic Mania, Magic Mountain (tentative location) – 8/25/18
  • Race #2 : Grand Charge, Grand Targhee Resort – 9/8/18
  • Race #3 : Galena Gallop, Galena Lodge – 9/15/18
  • Race #4 : Jug Jamboree, Jug Mountain Ranch – 9/29/18
  • Race #5 : Bogus Boss, Bogus Basin Resort – 10/13/18 (Alternate Location Avimor)
  • Make-Up Weekend : Either Bogus Basin or Avimor – 10/20/18

26 April 2018 – BBMTB Kick Off

Start race 1

Get ready for another great season with the Boise Braves MTB team!

Team signup for the season, information on Spring events and Q&A.

When: 26 April 2018 at 6:00 PM (5:30 setup)

Location: CABI Social Hall, 11 Latah, Boise (next to Morris Hill Cemetary)


  • Registration for BBMTB
  • Volunteers
    • Coaches, Ride Leaders, Admin, Operations, etc
    • Get ready to signup!
  • Desert Dirt Shredfest – 19 May 2018
    • BBMTB major fundraiser
    • We host this event!
  • Hillclimb – 13 June 2018
  • BBMTB Bike Skills Camp
    • 22-24 June 2018
    • Ask your friends! Voted Best Weekend of the Year!
  • NICA Pit Zone and Team Snap
  • Team Photo

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!


Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

We love this time of year. Everything looks so sparkling and beautiful.

But the best thing about the holiday season is enjoying time with family and friends.

We share old stories, catch up on what we’ve all been up to, and talk about our hopes for the new year.

We like to get outside and be active in the fresh air no matter where we are. We hope you get some time outside too.

So, from Andrew and Renée, have a safe and happy holiday!

And may the new year be filled with joy and happiness!

To a great 2018,

Renée and Andrew


Race Details
 A message from the Idaho League Director:


We’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple days on the phone talking with league/NICA leadership as well as the management team at Bogus Basin. Unfortunately the decision has been made to cancel the state championship race this weekend. While this is a very sad and disappointing decision to communicate, when weighed against our obligation to keep students, parents, coaches, spectators, volunteers and staff safe, it was not difficult to make the right choice. We just can’t risk having people out there in the conditions that are forecast for Friday and Saturday at Bogus Basin.

Over the past 24-hours we have looked at alternate venues to see if moving to a lower elevation location would be feasible. Unfortunately after careful consideration it has been determined that relocating on such short notice is not an option.

We’ve also evaluated if rescheduling to next weekend is an option. There are many reasons that this is also not viable and has also been ruled out.

At the end of the day after evaluating all our options, it has been determined that we must implement the cancellation plan that was communicated to the league last night (HERE).

We realize this is a disappointment to everyone involved in our league but we hope you understand why this decision had to be made. Additional details have been communicated to all Team Directors and we will be working directly with them to calculate the season overall results and sending out awards for all the racers.

Plans are already in the works for an even better 2018 season and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the trails between now and then. Thank you for everything you do in supporting our mission to get more kids on bikes.

Eddie Freyer
League Director

Race #5 Update*

*If you do not find answers to your questions below, please forward any further  questions to the BBMTB Team Director. Thank you.

** BBMTB will continue with the regular practice schedule through the weekend if the race is cancelled.

From your IICL Race Director:

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on the weather forecast for the race this weekend at Bogus Basin.   I’ve spent a lot of time today pouring over various websites, talking with league leadership, NICA national and our partners up at Bogus Basin regarding the forecast for Friday and Saturday.  As of right now, it’s not looking good and we are evaluating the need to cancel.  There is a high chance of snow accumulation of 2”-4” between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  In addition, the temperature on Saturday is forecast for a high of 34° with a wind chill of only 10°-20° throughout the day.  These conditions are far outside of what is considered safe for a NICA event.  We will assess all resources tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon to check for improvement in the forecast which may allow for us to proceed with the event.  Any updates and/or decisions will be communicated at that time (Wednesday – Noon).

I realize that in situations like this there will be a lot of questions.  We will do our best to proactively communicate information to address most of the questions your teams may have, and will consolidate answers to common questions in subsequent team director emails.

Please understand that our decision making process will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Safety of all riders, coaches, spectators, volunteers and staff
  2. Preservation of trails and other areas of our venues
  3. Financial Impact on the IICL and participants including travel time/expense
  4. Impact on series points and team standings
  • Chance of a cancellation due to weather and what is the IICL policy with regard to adverse weather conditions?
    • As of right now this is a high probability.  We will give it as much time as we can for the forecast to improve but also keeping in mind that everyone needs to make plans, cancel reservations, etc.  An update will be sent tomorrow and based on the forecast we will either communicate our deadline for a decision or make the decision at that time to cancel the race.
  • Will there be a rescheduled race?
    • No.  The long-range forecast is showing continued probability of snow/cold temps through next weekend.  Looking to reschedule beyond then presents to high of a risk as winter approaches.  In addition, the availability of venues is restricted.
  • Can we relocate to another venue?
    • No. As of right now we do not have another venue in a location that would not be impacted by this weather that has already been certified as a NICA venue (this is a lengthy process and required by our insurance carrier).
  • What happens with regard to the season points for both individuals and teams and how will we handle the awards for a cancelled state championship race?
    • The season will become a best 3 out of 4 series with the worst points value race being dropped to determine the individual series results.  No state championship bonus points will apply and the “all race” 25-point bonus will be awarded for those racers who completed races 1-4
    • Team points will be based on the totals from races 1-4, no drops and no bonuses factored in
    • Awards will be mailed to team directors for all riders on their teams who earned a series podium spot as well as overall team awards
    • A 2017 awards recognition ceremony will be held at race #1 of the 2018 season
  • Will there be refunds for race fees
    • Per the IICL Refund/Transfer Policy refunds are not provided for a cancelled race.  We understand that not everyone agrees with this policy.  However we ask that you help communicate the reasons why.  – The IICL is a non-profit organization that runs on a limited annual budget
  • We have already accrued many expenses for this event and cannot recoup those in the event of a cancellation.
  • Providing refunds will have a long-term negative financial impact on our league

If the lack of a refund presents a financial hardship on a particular family, please have them reach out to me directly and we can discuss what options may be available.

We will keep the Pit Zone open at least until tomorrow night (Wednesday) at midnight to give us more time to make a decision on the event.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.  This is a very difficult decision to make and especially with all the hard work each and every student-athlete, coach, parent, volunteer and core-staff member have put into this season.  It’s our hope that the forecast improves and that we will be able to see everyone this weekend for the conclusion of our 2017 season.

Eddie Freyer
League Director
Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League