Boise Braves Mountain Bike Team brings together High School and Middle School Student-Athletes to teach proper cycling skills, trail etiquette, good sportsmanship and the love of cycling. We work to develop our Student-Athlete’s skills and fitness to enjoy a life-long sport, enhance social development and engagement while being unplugged from the sedentary world.

2018 Stellar Saturday

It’s time for Stellar Saturday!


Saturday, 20 October 2018

Meet at Kristen Armstrong Municipal Park at 9:00 AM. Ride for two hours. Meet back at the park for lunch and games.

KA Municipal Park

Ride your bike. Enjoy your peak fitness and riding with your friends.


Eat lunch. Play games. Laugh with friends.



Powder doughnut bobbing is back again this year! Bike limbo, garbage ball, circle of fate, slow bike races and more…..

Bogus Boss State Championships Part Deux


Friday Pre Ride (open 1-6 PM)

BBMTB Pre Ride will be at 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM

GRiT Pre Ride will be at 4:00 PM

Camping, Sleeping at Home and Homestay*

Due to the proximity of the venue and the questionable weather, the team will not have an official camping area at Bogus Boss. You are welcome to camp on your own. Please follow the guidelines from the race flyer.

*If anyone would like to host an out of town racer and their family, please contact the League Director at eddie@idahomtb.org.


More Race Info

***Girls go First this weekend!***

Bogus Basin Weather

We are grateful for the changes in weather from a week ago and it looks like it will be dry, but colder temperatures.




Partly Cloudy
WNW 8 mph 57%


S 8 mph 98%

OCT 10

Mostly Cloudy
WNW 9 mph 83%

OCT 11

Partly Cloudy
WNW 10 mph 69%

OCT 12

W 9 mph 61%

OCT 13

N 9 mph 56%

OCT 14

SSW 6 mph 49%


Coaches Appreciation Friday

Level 2/3 Coaches should have already seen an email invite to Friday night party

Friday and Saturday Team Kits

Friday – Red tech shirts to be worn at school and pre ride

Saturday – Team Jersey for race and awards. We would like to get a nice team photo after awards! Please Zip your jersey for the podium presentation,

**Plan for a longer IICL Awards Ceremony since we will be adding Volunteer Appreciation, SA and Team Season Overall Awards.**


BBMTB Volunteers go to http://signup.com/go/XjrYezG

Food and Water

BBMTB will provide breakfast burritos for anyone in the morning.  Bogus Basin will have on-site food throughout the weekend
• There is drinking water available onsite at the lodge
• Patio area reserved for Double R Ranch BBQ Smokehouse customers
only. No sack or picnic lunches allowed on dining patio
• Bathrooms will be open at Simplot Lodge and Bike Wash available during
the event.

Race Duration

Racers will turn laps on this scenic course, with the following Race Duration
Guidelines for each category:
• <45 mins for Middle School
• 45-90 mins for Frosh/Soph boys and
girls & and JV girls
• 60-100 mins for JV boys and Varsity
• 90-120 mins for Varsity boys

Race Flyer and Maps

Go to Idahomtb.org/race-series or HERE

Items of Note:

  • ATHLETES ONLY IN STAGING AREA—No Parents nor coaches are allowed to enter staging area. This is a strict rule.
  • No crossing of course tape or fencing allowed! Only race staff allowed on course during the event.
  • No stakes in the grass area due to irrigation lines close to surface.


Please support and thank our wonderful Team Sponsors!

2018 BBMTB BSC Sponsors



Bogus Boss State Championships

Get Ready

Tomorrow’s practice at Bogus will get you more familiar with the venue. It is a great opportunity to practice with any nutrition you will use on race day as well as practicing with different layers for rain. Bring warm gear and snacks!

Friday Pre Ride

BBMTB Pre Ride will be at 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM

GRiT Pre Ride will be at 4:00 PM

Camping, Sleeping at Home and Homestay

Due to the proximity of the venue and the questionable weather, the team will not have an official camping area at Bogus Boss. You are welcome to camp on your own. Please follow the guidelines from the race flyer.

If anyone would like to host an out of town racer, please contact the Team Director.

Jug Jamboree and GRiT

Last race before State Championships! It’s also Homecoming weekend and arrangements have been made to get High School racers back to Boise in time for the dance. Please talk with your team leaders if you are still looking for a ride back.

We encourage our high schoolers each year, to be involved in both the Idaho League race and Homecoming and are excused to miss awards. We will ask our middle school racers to step up to the podium to accept any awards for our HS racers.

What you need to know this week

Homecoming Assembly – Friday at 9:00 AM

  • Please wear your BBMTB team jerseys with pride!
  • Support your team leaders, as they pick team members to compete in a fun game at the assembly.
  • Please sit together as a team on the South side. Go Braves!!

Friday Pre-Rides

  • BBMTB 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM
  • GRiT 4:00 PM (all girls pre-ride with girls from other teams)

Friday Night Team Dinner

  • Dinner at 7:00 PM


JMR Race weather 2018.png

Location and Entry to In_Field – same as Bike Skills Camp, but much bigger

  • Controlled access to the In-Field till Friday 6PM
  • Another access road has been added north of clubhouse (no RV’s on this access)
  • All RV’s must be under 20 ft to drive onto the venue property (per JMR)
  • Shuttles from parking to Clubhouse running on Saturday. See Race Flyer.


  • All teams will be camping together next to the In-Field (same as BSC)
  • Another dry camping location. Please bring water for the weekend.
  • Plan to bring warm gear for Friday evening and race morning

Race Flyers and Volunteer Opportunities

  • As always, you are responsible for reading the Race Flyer and viewing maps HERE
  • You can fine volunteering opportunities HERE as well.
  • We still need a few people to volunteer for State Championships to get our Pit Zone size and location on time – Volunteer HERE

Can’t wait to see everyone at Jug! Safe travels!

Coach Renee




In this edition:

Race Flyer Information
Galena Pit Zone Space Limitations
Shuttle Buses
Parking Rules
Jug Mountain Spaghetti Feed
Registration Reminder

Race #4 Approaching – Read the Race Flyer for all Details


Race #4 Flyer

Please take the time to plan accordingly and get up to speed on all the details for each race weekend. All the information you need to know can be found within the race flyers and as changes are made, these flyers will be updated. So check back often to make you sure have the most recent details, schedule, etc. for each race.

Race flyers and links to venue maps can be found HERE

Jug Mountain Venue Pit Zone Access Roads


There are two new dirt access roads into the Parking, Pit Zone and Camping areas (located in the lower meadow below the clubhouse). Please pay close attention to these guidelines for accessing the meadow:
1) The road located above the club house is not suitable for trailers or RV’s and should only be used (either direction) by single vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, suv’s).
2) The lower access road located below the clubhouse crosses over the golf fairway. Up until 6:00PM on Friday and all day Saturday, access (either direction) using this road will be controlled by an attendant. ALL ATTENDEES MUST ADHERE TO THE DIRECTIONS OF THE ATTENDANT WHEN USING THIS ENTRY POINT TO THE VENUE.

Venue details can be found in the race flyer and on the interactive map HERE

Shuttle Buses


A shuttle bus will run on Saturday from the remote park lot to the Pit Zone unloading zone. This bus is for people only. No bikes allowed on the bus.

Parking Rules/Information


Based on the parking chaos that occurred at Galena, there will be a ZERO tolerance policy for anyone who does not follow the parking information in the race flyer or does not abide by the instructions of the parking volunteers.

1. Parking for the NICA event is only allowed in the designated areas as shown on the race flyer and interactive maps.
2. If you are camping in the onsite Jug Mountain resort camping area, please limit the total number of vehicles to 1 per family. Any additional vehicles should be parked in one of the designated parking areas.

3. There is no parking allowed at the Clubhouse for the NICA event.

4. Roadside parking is limited to the areas marked and on the south side of the road only. Roadside parking in any other areas is prohibited.
5. There is no venue access via Potter Lane.

Misc Items before Travel to Galena

It’s a super busy week and there’s just a couple more items to manage …..

Communication – Your Team Director travels tonight after practice (Disney theme). Again, we will not have phone or Internet access at all unless you are South of SNRA Offices. I was sad to miss many of your texts, emails and voicemails last Thursday & Friday, so please plan ahead with your questions and logistics.

Carpooling – Sharon will be managing the Carpooling again for bikes and people.

Future Volunteers – First, Thank you for all you have done thus far!

**We still need Idaho League volunteers for Jug Mt. Ranch and Bogus State Championships. Please focus on the State Championships first as we will really need all the space we can get in our Race Pit Zone.**

IICL Volunteers needed to get Race Pit Zone proper size and on time!
Jug Mtn Ranch Bogus – STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS https://signup.com/group/726412818028
Needed 5 more spots 5 more spots Minimum Required by IICL
BBMTB Volunteer spots still available to set up camp and team Pit Zone
Jug Bogus http://signup.com/go/WzWxTiC
Needed 23 44

Merchandise – Second Team Order is in. Please bring your exchanges to practice tonight or the race.


Travel safe and bring your winter gear. See you in the In Field!

Team Director Renee

On-site Update from GTR

It’s beautiful here at Grand Targhee Resort (GTR) and we are looking forward to you joining us tomorrow. Here are some updates for your arrival:

Pre Ride Friday at 5:00 PM

Friday night food

  • Reminder that you are responsible for your dinner on Friday. BBMTB will have Saturday breakfast and lunch for racers and coaches/ride leaders.
  • Trap Bar Grill will be closed, but the GTR Lodge will have a barbeque on the deck at the base of the chair lift.
  • Branding Iron will be open, but takes time to get food and is pricier.
  • Driggs has great Thai, with good service, but that’s all I’ve eaten there.


  • As you drive into GTR, you will be met by staff and be directed to day parking, lodging, camping in the field or to the large RV parking level.
  • Camping with the team is twenty ($20) per campsite. This covers 4-6 people for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I have not been able to work out a deal with GTR for advance payment.
  • If you arrive late, go to the GTR office to register.
  • If this is an added budget item that you are unable to handle or fuel to this race is a challenging expense, please submit through scholarship and we will refund. We want these races to be available to all!
  • Team camping location is in the first field. Look for silver Highlander with Silver T@B trailer.


  • Parents – red team tri blend shirts are available for $15
  • Second team store order ships tomorrow!
  • If you have requested an exchange of team gear, Please bring those items with you. We have enough to do most of the exchanges within the team.
  • All level 1 Ride Leaders get one red team tech shirt. Some of you still need one for this year.
  • Team socks are still available for $10


  • Lots and lots of waivers for GTR venue this weekend
  • Go to Idahomtb.org/race-series/ for waivers, maps and race flyer
  • You can sign these on-site as well. They will be collected at the team pit zone and then given to your Chief Registrar.

Mobile and Internet Service

  • Or no service at In-Field or race course
  • AT&T users are golden by lodges. Verizon not so much.
  • Internet is available only at lodge


  • Timeline can also be found under “media” tab in Team Snap

That’s all I can think of to assist you on your journey. Oh, don’t fret about the smoke filled air that you have to drive through. It’s clear in the mountains!

Be smart. Travel safe.

Coach Renée

Grand Targhee Race #2

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We are short on time this week, so let’s get right to it.

Online Registration Closes on the Tuesday (TONIGHT) Before Each Race

Online registration through the Pit Zone closes at midnight on the Tuesday prior to each race. All student athletes must be practice-ready in the Pit Zone to race and to pay for race fees onsite at any of the races. In addition, new for this year, pre-registered student-athletes will get priority staging for their race starts.

On-site registration for race fees only, must be completed at least 1 hour before your wave start and is only available during the following times:

12:00 PM – 7:00 PM Friday
7:00 AM – 1:15 PM Saturday

Please take advantage of the benefits of registering online. On-site registration can be a stressful experience for everyone and should be avoided whenever possible and there is a $20 late fee for onsite registration.

IICL Volunteers needed to get Race Pit Zone proper size and on time!
Grand Targhee Galena Jug Bogus https://signup.com/group/726412818028
Needed 0 0 9 3
BBMTB Volunteers to set up camp and team Pit Zone
Grand Targhee Galena Jug Bogus http://signup.com/go/WzWxTiC
Needed 43 44 44 44


Grand Targhee – BBMTB will continue to provide Saturday Breakfast and Lunch for all riders and Coaches/Ride Leaders. You on on your own for Friday night dinner GTR Race Flyer – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/2018-GTR-Race-Flyer.pdf

Galena Buy tickets NOW ($12) for Friday night dinner! Excellent whole food dinner provided by Galena Lodge! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-galena-lodge-pasta-feed-tickets-49753845090     BBMTB to provide Saturday Breakfast and Lunch for all Coaches/Ride Leaders. Galena Race Flyer – http://www.idahomtb.org/wp-content/uploads/2018-Galena-Race-Flyer.pdf

Camping & Waivers at Grand Targhee:

  • Reservation completed
  • Targhee Waiver
  • RV/Trailer Waiver
  • Camping Fee $20 – Your name will be placed on a list.
    • I am scrambling for a sponsor! I am trying to pay for the entire team – $1020

Grand Targhee Camping Details

Lodging and camping are available at Grand Targhee Resort. For resort lodging call the reservations department at 307-353-2300 and mention the Idaho Cycling League Race to receive a 20% discount. Camping is available at Grand Targhee Resort for a fee of $20/site (4-6 people) and this includes Thursday-Saturday nights.
Campers must check-in, pay and collect their camping pass at one of the following location upon arrival at GTR:
– Thursday – Lodging Check In (there will be a well noted sign)
– Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM – tent/table in parking area
– Friday evening – Lodging check-in desk in lobby (there will be a well noted sign)
Reservations and camping fees must be paid directly with Grand Targhee Resort.

BBMTB Racers – Please plan on camping with the team.

Additional lodging can be found in Driggs and Victor approximately 30 minutes from the venue and limited USFS camping is available in the
surrounding area.


There are no showers available for campers
All large trailers/RV’s must use lower gravel parking lot (shown on map) and a RV Parking Form will be required. You can print one out and bring it with you by clicking HERE, of you can fill one out onsite when you check-in.
No fires, or charcoal grills allowed at venue—GAS STOVES ALLOWED IN CAMPING AREA

Teams must remove all garbage from Pit Zone and camping areas whether or not a dumpster is onsite.

ATTENTION COACHES: If you are looking to pre-pay for your team’s camping, Grand Targhee is able to accept pre-payment for camping. Kelsey Harkey, Guest Service Manager, is able to assist you with pre-payment for camping and can be reached at 307-353-2300.
They will need a list of names for check-in.


THU Mostly Sunny 73°43° 20% SW 7 mph 31%
FRI Mostly Sunny 72°45° 0% SW 8 mph 36%
SAT AM Thunderstorms 69°38° 40% SW 13 mph 36%
SUN Sunny 68°37° 0% SW 9 mph 32%


Race #2 – Read the Race Flyer for all Details


Race #1 Flyer

Please take the time to plan accordingly and get up to speed on all the details for each race weekend. All the information you need to know can be found within the race flyers and as changes are made, these flyers will be updated. So check back often to make you sure have the most recent details, schedule, etc. for each race.

Race flyers and links to venue maps can be found HERE

Pay special attention to parking restrictions and traffic flow for entering/exiting the venue.


Rules Clarifications for Non-Racers on Course

SpectatorSign 003

Our first race at Magic Mountain was a HUGE success. We saw a big increase in the number of racers and along with those additional racers came a ton of coaches, parents, siblings and spectators. For the most part everyone followed the rules and we didn’t have any incidents on course, however there were a few close calls. With the focus on racer safety and providing a fair “playing field” for all racers, the IICL rules committee has approved clarification on the wording in the NICA rules related to non-racers on course.

NICA Rule 9.1 Reads:
Only student-athletes entered for competition in the event and their team coaches may ride the designated race course at times when no race is currently taking place. An event is taking place at all times after the start of a race until the time the last rider in that race finishes. No coach is permitted to ride the course during an event.

Due to the above mentioned safety concerns with coaches, spectators and student-athletes being on course at the same time as our racers, the IICL has approved the following definitions to clarify rule 9.1 above.

“Course” – Any trail, road or any other area specifically marked as part of the route used for our event. Adjacent trails, roads, etc. that are not part of the course can be used to access the “sidelines” of our course for the purpose of spectating or coaching.
“Event” – From the start of the first wave until the sweep clears the course after the last wave is on course at the end of the day.

So what does this mean for you?

1) At no time should anyone cross the course in the infield area. The only permissible way to cross the course throughout the infield area is via designated course crossings. Regardless of where on course you are, there is no crossing through course tape and/or over fencing.
2) Once the races start in the morning, and until they conclude at the end of the day (indicated by the final sweep clearing the course), rule 9.1 is in effect.

3) Any marked trails, roads, etc. that are being used as part of the race course cannot be used by anyone other than racers or race officials. If you wish to get out on course to spectate and/or coach, you must use other trails and roads that are not part of the live race course.
4) If you are outside of the infield area and need to cross a trail or road being used as the course, you may do so only when it is safe and there is no racer traffic and as long as you don’t cross over any course tape of fencing.

We understand the enforcement of this rule may cause an inconvenience for some spectators/coaches. However, our priority is to provide a safe and fair course for the racers and the strict enforcement of this rule and these IICL approved definitions will help us in doing so. In addition, at certain venues, we will look at providing short windows of time when coaches and spectators can use specific sections of the course.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this rule.






























Race Day

It’s 5:30 AM on race day. There is a pink full moon in the sky and it is dark. It’s almost time for Varsity girls to wake up. Anne and Clancy have been up for a while already warming up breakfast burritos and making coffee for the coaches and parents.

The HS team went out for pre-ride yesterday….

Then the MS….

Our fearless Head Coach is calm and ready!

Last night’s race meeting had everyone’s attention.

The entire Magic Mountain valley has over 2500 excited and anxious racers and parents that will soon be waking up and heading to the start line. This is the first race of the 2018 season for the Idaho League.

Our goal today is to see all our Boise Braves racers finish, with smiles on their faces. It’s going to be a fantastic race day and we are ready!

Stay tuned…

Coach Renée

Important Magic Update

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s 5:30 AM, 54 degrees and a little smoke has moved in after a clear week at Magic Mountain. I do have some blue sky above me, but am at the top of Petit Mountain to send this message. We will hope that the smoke moves out. Speaking of moving out, we have seen several moose in the area. Please be aware!

Lets get right to logistics of our campground…..

We may not have a Campground Coordinator to greet you, so please read this thoroughly:

  1. As always, Tents and Food RV set-up take priority in our space over parked cars and RV’s
  2. We are sharing last year’s camping area with our friends from Magic Valley. We are based in the lower area from last year. Tad was the one to tell us about the location last year, so we are grateful and happy to have him with us this year. You can meet Tad at dinner Friday night at 7:00 PM (like that cue? 7 PM 😉
  3. We will use a drop off procedure to get gear and people into the sleeping area and then park in the periphery.
  4. When driving into the camping are please stay to the right of the fork. This will allow for less bottle necks.
  5. Our camping is across from the Shuttle Stop (with Porta Potties) to get to the Race Pit Zone.
  6. There are 5-6 RV spaces at the entry to to out camping area (half moon drive through)
  7. Bring water and chairs (no water in area)
  8. Info boards can be found at kitchen area (now) and team pit zone (after 2:30 today)
  9. Please check out the map for best area for your set-up and parking.

Magic Camping Area.png

My alarm just went off, so I’m off to my IICL meeting. You can find me all weekend at the Registration tent. We are all extremely excited for this weekend and wish everyone safe travels.


BBMTB Team Director

Race #1 – Magic Mania

Magic Mania 2017! A race to remember for sure! Extreme weather became a factor for the ladies race in the afternoon. Video was dedicated to the ladies who endured cold and rainy weather and still came in smiling.

How fun was that Video!

Thank you Ray Anderson for that incredible video! We are excited to get the race season started at Magic Mountain (24-25 August 2018). This is a very fun venue with great beautiful camping in the trees. Our camping map is below.

***Water access will be limited this year as the well we have used in the past has been contaminated. We ask everyone to help the team and pack 3-6 gallons of drinking water.

Forecast as of today (17 August 2018):



AUG 23

Mostly Sunny 78° / 50° 0% WSW 8 mph 28%


AUG 24

Sunny 76° /48° 0% W 10 mph 28%


AUG 25

Sunny 73° /46° 0% W 9 mph 31%


AUG 26

Sunny 74° /47° 0% W 9 mph 28%

Sunrise / Sunset Times

FRI 24 Aug SAT 25 Aug SUN 26 Aug
First Light First Light First Light
6:25 AM 6:26 AM 6:28 AM
Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise
6:55 AM 6:56 AM 6:57 AM
Sunset Sunset Sunset
8:24 PM 8:23 PM 8:21 PM
Last Light Last Light Last Light
8:54 PM 8:52 PM 8:50 PM

More Details for Race #1 Magic weekend:

  • Race Flyer – Viewing the race flyer before you leave town is a MUST do and it’s always found HERE, and http://www.idahomtb.org/race-series/
    • Girls race start at 9:00 AM; Girls breakfast at 6 AM
    • Print flyer prior to leaving for race as times and scheduling are subject to change!
  • No Internet or Phone Service at this venue! Emergency calls can be made from Magic Mountain Lodge and the top of Petit Mountain.
  • Additional GEAR again – Be prepared and pack extra for this weekend.
    • We continue to message that appropriate clothing and gear will make this event a truly fun and enjoyable experience! Pack extra and decide what to wear when you get there.
    • Team Jersey required for Awards and podium.
    • Have warm dry clothes in the BBMTB Pit Zone to change into after your race.
    • Make sure you have water packed for weekend! Water is in area, but not confirmed.
  • VOLUNTEERS are always critical to the team’s success.
    • If you are a parent and have not volunteered yet this season, this is definitely the time to do so.
    • Race venue will be ten minutes from camping and NO Internet or phone service, we will once again need your extra attention for support.
  • Sign-up for BBMTB Team Volunteer positions HERE
  • Volunteer for Idaho League Race Operations HERE
    • We need fifteen (15) volunteers per race!
    • Penalty of a smaller Pit Zone far, far away if we don’t meet our quota.
    • Take the time to sign up for the rest of the races, before your dream volunteer position gets taken!
  • Bikes
    • Bikes and any large gear will be left in the BBMTB Team Pit Zone on Friday night.
    • 25′ Cable locks, tarp over bikes and security for gear will be provided.
  • Food
    • Friday night dinner will be provided by the team in Diamondfield Jack campground at 7:00 PM
    • Pre-race pasta dinner with Anne’s famous spaghetti sauce. (GF/DF/VEG options available)
    • All team members and family members are welcome. No charge.
  • Camping
    • Diamondfield Jack Campground – look for BBMTB signage
    • RV’s are welcome, please share if you have extra space or amenities.
    • Look for Team banner on a 10 x 10 tent and “BBMTB” signs
    • Plan to stake your tent. Winds gusts to 21 mph expected.
    • Driving Time – 3 h 5 min (163 miles) via I-84 E

Overall Magic venue.png

Once again, we will do our best to get this location on Thursday evening. Please watch your alerts for any changes.

Magic Camping Area.png

  • Logistics

    • As you drive into the venue on Friday. Please drop your racer/s off at Magic Lodge for pre-ride if you are running late, and then continue to campground for set-up. You will cross the race course twice, please look for riders and follow directions from Course Marshals managing crossings.
    • Saturday morning – If you are staying at a hotel or in Twin Falls, 60 mins away, please park near our campsite in the main parking area and take the shuttle over to the race area.
    • Our camping area is across from the shuttle stop.
    • Girls race starts at 9:00 AM and all other racers should be in the Pit Zone at this time supporting their teammates, eating breakfast, getting their bikes to the team mechanic for a run through and preparing for warm-up.
    • All student-athletes that are racing are required to have their bikes checked over by one of the team mechanics on Saturday morning prior to their race start.


  • Once again, we advise that everyone set up in their team Pit Zone on Friday and leave all large equipment and bikes in the Pit Zone. IICL staff will be camping overnight at this location for security.
  • Shuttles will be available from Diamondfield Jack parking area.

As always, Boise Braves MTB are grateful for our Team Sponsors!

2018 BBMTB BSC Sponsors